Our world is defined by growing complexity and uncertainty.
Change is breaking what worked in the past.
What if you could thrive in volatility?
What if your organization was always ready to adapt?
We can help you get there.


What if the results you are currently achieving are not the only way?
What if there is an entirely new world waiting for you to find it?


Step into new possibilities.
Experiment with new ways of thinking and behaving.


Find yourself beyond the limitations that held you back.
Stand in the effectiveness and work you only dreamed await.


Spiral closer to fulfilling your purpose.
What you become surpasses your imagination's boundaries.


Your leadership, teams, and organization face a rate of change and depth of complexity that render existing approaches ineffective. Perhaps you are well along this path; perhaps you are only just recognizing it.

You believe:

  • Financial success is one of many desired outcomes rather than a singular purpose.
  • People are far more than the roles they fill. Rather, we are human beings full of passion, intelligence, and creativity all waiting for a place to come alive.
  • Organizations are more like gardens than machines. The nuances of this metaphor are profound.
  • That enterprise can bring benefit far beyond the traditional returns to employees, shareholders, and customers. Building on these you can imagine a wider circle of positive impact including society and even the planet as a whole.

You have a sense there is all of this and more. You are curious and want to learn more. Critically, you are ready to work to actualize it.

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Interaction Agility is an enabler of thriving leadership and flourishing organizations.


  • Exist to guide leaders and organizations toward fulfilling their highest purpose.
  • Are committed to moving ourselves and others beyond conventional models and ideas.
  • Believe the word has grown in complexity through interconnectedness and an accelerating rate of change.
  • Seek to enable the emergence of organizations and leaders capable of thriving and flourishing here.
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We believe…

  • In the untapped potential and creativity of people, and that most of this is wasted by conventional leadership in industrial-era organizations.
  • We all want and are capable of doing our best work every day, and are often systemically blocked from doing so.
  • New concepts of who leaders are and what organizations can be are no longer optional. We stand for their emergence; to support leaders with the courage to bring them forth; to guide organizations ready to hold them.
  • That by beginning change within ourselves, by widening what of ourselves and each other we include in the realm of our work, and trusting the emergence of organization structures around the work, we can truly change the world.


Together to understand and clarify your values, principles, and aspirations.

We are biased toward working to amplify and leverage your strengths, and have a proven record of doing so. Our approaches increase effectiveness through changing both thinking and behavior.

The tools and methods we use enable engagement and participation in parallel; many voices speak at once, in some cases the entire system. People are invited to participate with their best selves, innovation and commitment are unleashed.

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We partner with you; if there were easy answers, you would have found them.

We meet you where you are, learn where you wish to go, then co-create plans to begin and monitor the journey.

We support and enable leaders to tap their potential; teams to move beyond swirling dysfunction to aligned performance; organizations to energize around shared purpose.

Because change is not a one-time event, we provide ongoing coaching and support as needed.

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