We exist to guide leaders and organizations toward fulfilling their highest purpose.

When you win, we win, too.

You define value. Together we define success. Achieving what you seek is our highest priority.

We see ourselves as stewards; we exist to guide leaders and organizations toward fulfilling their highest purpose. We understand through experience that organizing people around a meaningful purpose, then enabling them through the powers of decision making, wholeness, and progression sets the stage for flourishing; a state where high performance and desirable results are the norm.

We do this not as an academic pursuit, though as veteran leaders and having worked within organizations with high disengagement, waste, and disconnected leadership. Unlike an Ivory Tower, we too are walking the path of resonant leadership and complex adaptive response every day; we guide others from a place of deep integrity.

We do not believe that change can be catalyzed or managed, rather it must be stewarded. In chemical reactions, the catalyst remains unchanged. Every organization we have engaged has changed us as much as we it.

We enable leaders and organizations to become more resilient in the face of growing complexity. We believe that adaptability, rather than efficiency, is the hallmark of effectiveness in today’s world.

We embrace the power of networks. The internet has transformed the world in ways impossible to predict. Ecosystems are models of relentless adaptability. Effective leadership in complexity hinges on encouraging networked communication, systems, and organizational structures.

We embrace the power of systems. We seek to reveal invisible forces that disrupt change efforts so they can be reshaped to support them.

As part of a global network of leaders, consultants, trainers, and coaches, we can shape our response to the needs of a specific context.

Kevin Callahan, MSPOD

Kevin is a leader with over two decades’ experience achieving desired results in high-complexity. His work as a coach, trainer, facilitator, and consultant create win-win benefits.

He excels at helping leaders, teams, and organizations make decisions with better economic outcomes, less risk, and higher employee engagement.

Kevin’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to local NGO’s.  In all cases, they face increasing rates of change and growing complexity in their business. They appreciate both his pragmatism and focus on people, rather than process, as the foundation of effective change. Even brief efforts have proved enough to fundamentally expand their ability to attain desired outcomes.

Complimenting Kevin’s human-centered approaches are tools, practices, and patterns gained as a seasoned expert in the field of Lean and Agile Software Development. His roles include Enterprise agile coach, manager, Scrum Master, and programmer.

In addition to his powerful interventions, he is an engaging public speaker. His talks covering effective leadership and teams in complexity have been delivered at conferences, public events, and privately within organizations. He has also appeared as a guest on the Agile Uprising and InfoQ Culture podcasts.

Kevin is the principal of Interaction Agility, Inc. He holds a Master of Science in Positive Organization Development and Change, along with certificates in Appreciative Inquiry and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and Coaching from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

He is an authorized trainer for the International Consortium for Agile (IC Agile) and a founding track author and recipient of the IC Agile Certified Expert – Enterprise Coaching for Agility.

Network of Collaborators

In complexity, adaptability becomes perhaps the most important organizing principle. Interaction Agility embraces this by maintaining a highly strategic network of senior practitioners who can directly contribute, consult, or advise on our client engagements.

We actively seek to work with a wide range of professionals, who while of diverse backgrounds, bring forward relentless integrity, compassion, intelligence, and humor. You can learn more about our network of collaborators.