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Articles and Videos

In addition to public and private speaking engagements and presentations, Interaction Agility’s Principal, Kevin Callahan, has been invited to be featured in or produce articles and videos. In some cases these share our perspectives and beliefs; in others they highlight tools and approaches we favor.

Pro Search, Inc. announces new collaboration to help businesses perform better

Bangor Daily News in Maine published our press release on the Scrum Academy.

Many organizations are using Scrum to improve how they deliver complex efforts, especially software development. Scrum is notoriously easy to learn and difficult to master. Scrum certification trainings tend to be a good introduction, though more is needed to unlock how Scrum can enable teams to deliver more value in less time.

Kevin Callahan provides such a path forward through the Scrum Academy; a hands-on experiential series of workshops for Scrum Masters or Product Owners.

You can read the full article on Bangor Daily News.

Agile New England Monthly Meeting, August 2017

Agile New England is the leading community of Agile and Lean enthusiasts, practitioners and learners in New England. Based in Boston, we are committed to fostering a greater knowledge of the Agile and Lean values, principles and practices. You can see the full version on Agile New England’s YouTube Channel.

ProAgile Advent Calendar

Sweden-based ProAgile invited Kevin to make a short video on a topic of his choosing. Kevin’s video presents a brief introduction to strengths-based change as an alternative to approaches focused on simply fixing problems.

Agile Profile: Kevin Callahan

More and more organizations are seeking to become more adaptable and identify Agile practice as a way forward. However, most struggle to achieve desired outcomes as there is a focus on process and tools, rather than understanding the underlying values and principles. Agile Government Leadership invited Kevin to be profiled as part of his work as Enterprise Agile Coach for the State of Maine Office of Information Technology.

In this feature Kevin talks about why he appreciates Agile for its emphasis on people, and understanding context before choosing solutions.

You can read the article here.