What Others Say

What Others Say 2019-03-21T13:54:28-05:00

We feel tremendous gratitude for the work we have been able to do. Rather than read more from us, we’ve invited colleagues and clients to share a bit about how they perceive what we do.

Best Career Decision I’ve Made

The best career decision that I’ve made was listening to Kevin Callahan. As a Scrum Product Owner and aspiring leader, Kevin’s coaching has led to breakthrough experiences for me professionally and personally. After conversations with him, my perspective is broadened, my resiliency is elevated, and I am equipped with new concepts and tools.

Kevin has in-depth experience and knowledge of what makes stand-out, high value-adding teams and organizations. Ones that attract loyal customers and employees, and make a positive difference in society at large. His coaching style is uplifting, grounded in evidence, and non-prescriptive. As I encounter complex situations, his investigatory and aspirational questions bring me clarity. He does this in a way that grounds me in my core values and amplifies my strengths and professional expertise. I’m able to recognize additional options and determine the next best course of action.

I’d like to give an example regarding how impactful his coaching is for my team and the organization. The software platform that my team supports has numerous stakeholders with competing demands. Aligning stakeholders and prioritizing their requests is one of the most difficult responsibilities of my job. Kevin suggested I explore Cost of Delay as a trade-off tool for collaborative prioritization discussions. Cost of Delay grounded conversations between stakeholders in empirical, organizational value, which has led to significant short and long-term benefits:

  • A backlog of hundreds of requests was drastically narrowed down to key features.
  • Stakeholders became aligned on top priorities.
  • Developers had better focus and enthusiasm for their work.
  • We began to experience subsequent efficiencies in our delivery flow.
  • Over a year’s time, this single squad delivered over $18M in organizational value!

The benefits of his coaching extend beyond my team. I have been able to share what I’ve learned with others. In supporting their journeys, I get a deeper understanding of the concepts he introduced to me. Rather than being limited to prescriptive advice, a path is left open for me to leverage my domain expertise. Fellow Product Owners across the global organization continue to reach out me to learn more about this and other trade-off tools and techniques that encourage meaningful, value-adding discussions.

Jenn Thomson
Product Owner

Positive Lasting Contributions

I worked closely with Kevin for several years while I was the VP of engineering. In that time I observed his work with engineering teams, groups outside of engineering, the executive team, and as a recipient of individual coaching. In all of these areas Kevin made lasting contributions that positively affected the entire company even long after he had moved to new opportunities. I’m personally grateful for the executive coaching I received from Kevin. I’m a more effective leader because of him and, more importantly, a better person.

Kevin brings to his work a unique combination of technical, organizational, and cultural understanding and experience. He relentlessly challenges, mentors, and encourages those he works with to constantly better themselves. He shines a light where it is most uncomfortable and take those often awkward discussions and turn them into opportunities.

Kevin’s impact to the teams and the individuals he worked with resonated deeply and, most importantly, sustained its momentum after his departure. As I reflect on where Kevin and I worked together, I appreciate more and more how effective the software development and operations teams were. In no small part due to Kevin’s coaching and guidance, they lived agility daily. Together, they collaborated to consistently and rapidly produce and deliver high quality software that delighted our customers.

Kevin’s impact on engineering didn’t go unnoticed throughout the rest of the company. He was regularly invited to work with other departments to understand their processes and help them discover and embrace a lasting way to better operate. He often worked with the executives individually and as a whole, to improve their capabilities as leaders and collaborators.

Mike Dosik
Technology Executive

Transforming Communication, Collaboration, and Trust

The work we do with Kevin is transforming communication, collaboration, and trust among people in our company. It’s boosting morale and changing attitudes, helping us to do our work faster and more productively. On a personal level, I’m examining my own leadership, moving to a more connected, thoughtful, and dialog-based practice.

Jenna Woodul
Executive Vice President, Chief Community Officer (retired)

Focused on, and Stands for, the Transformation of People, Teams and Whole Organizations

Kevin is keenly focused on, and stands for, the transformation of people, teams and whole organizations. He balances depth and lightness, seriousness and love, which makes him a ready ally to those he teaches and coaches as they navigate the incredible complexity of meaningful change. Kevin is the type of agile coach I hope to see a lot more of in the world.

Lyssa Adkins
President Emeritus, Agile Coaching Institute,
Author of Coaching Agile Teams

Gifted Teaching Style and Incredible Depth of Tactical Knowledge

Unequivocally, Kevin is one of the most skilled coaches I have ever had.  He has an amazing ability to ensure everyone is tracking with him in either a 1:1, team coachable moment, or a multi-day training session. This is not a once and done approach. This is a gifted teaching style coupled with an incredible depth of tactical knowledge. His “students” are constantly in conversation with him to increase their knowledge over time. 

His facilitation skills are incredible. Not only is he driving the learning opportunities in a way that encourages active participation, he also expertly answers the questions people have…and guides them to the answers they need to succeed.

Kellie Caron
Program Manager

Sought After for Expertise

Kevin is extremely well rounded as a coach. While his key strengths are in his people-centric approach to coaching, teaching, and mentoring, he has a wealth of knowledge in his understanding of Lean and Agile principles and practices. He is sought after for this expertise in technical excellence and quality delivery, as well as a great grasp of business knowledge (finance, value delivery, metrics, etc.).

He works tirelessly to get the maximum positive impact achievable. I have pulled him in several times to be a thought partner with me on what strategies and tactics may best serve us in orchestrating this transformation across the enterprise.

Kevin is humble, yet confident, and always willing to partner to improve. Whether it is at an individual level, a team level, or across the whole organization, Kevin is up to the challenge, and never fails to find ways to be effective.

Bob L’Heureux
Agile Coach and Product Owner,
Enterprise Agile Office

Contribution is Legendary

Kevin leads by example, modeling the growth mindset and good behaviors that help people work together more effectively, while teaching, coaching, mentoring, and facilitating. He obviously cares deeply for people, putting the needs of others ahead of his own, always striving to do what is best for the group.

His use of methods based on positive psychology, such as Appreciative Inquiry, foster transformative change by allowing the organization to better see itself, and leverage it’s strengths to improve itself with minimal turbulence.

His contribution at LiveWorld is legendary, resulting in one team after another becoming more energized, engaged, and collaborative as a result of their meetings with him, which they affectionately call “Camp Kevin.”

Peter Trudelle
Lean/Agile Coach & Teacher

Thoughtful, Skilled, and Engaging; the Real Thing

Kevin’s work draws on his diverse background to teach people crucial skills that empower individuals and teams to interact more effectively. He embodies the sort of authentic communication that help teams discover new communication patterns; break through conflict; and move forward together. Kevin is thoughtful, skilled, and engaging; he’s the real thing.

Adam Weisbart
Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach,
Weisbart Consulting