About You

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Who is the leader you aspire to be?

Perhaps it’s a bit odd to have a page about you, though we’re not a typical organizational development firm. Since we strongly believe in a partnership, rather than simple transactional exchange, it’s important for potential clients to be ready for the work we offer…

You are comfortable with the responsibility and accountability of making decisions. You have realized most of the time there are others in far better positions to do so. You are curious how to enable and support wise decisions, and what implications doing so means for your role as a leader.

Improvement is woven into the fabric of your personal practice and leadership. No one can do the heavy lifting for you, and you expect others to do the same for themselves. You are willing to approach even your deepest beliefs and assumptions with curiosity and inquiry. And you have experienced the discomfort and challenge of the path that asks these things of you.

There are many patterns, models, and language that would likely help articulate what you have learned and what you seek. Attempting to convey these on this page is of limited use at best, and a total waste of time at worst.

These words might describe where you lead from today, or perhaps where you would like to grow into. If you are looking to explore what may be next for you, your teams, or your entire organization, we would like to hear from you.

What is the organization you dream of creating?

You are a Leader, Not a Hero

You know you cannot carry alone what you are called to do, and you are ready to admit this to yourself, and to those you lead. It is not always comfortable to do so, though the alternative is not an option.

You have already deeply realized that you do not and cannot have all the answers. In fact, you are more interested in formulating powerful questions that will be answered together, if they can be definitively answered at all.


At the very least, time pressure has squeezed you, your relationships, and your organization.

You may be responding to additional complexity such as defending your core business while still investing in innovations. Maybe customer expectation and market need are outstripping your organization’s ability to respond. You may have heard of Teal or Anti-fragile organizations and how they grow stronger with stress; you are curious to learn more. Or perhaps seeking to unlock your potential and those you work with.

These and other types of complexity have rendered what worked in the past ineffective.

People Come First

Your primary concern is for those you feel responsible for. When the people creating value are well cared for and attended to, when conditions for their happiness are met to the best of your ability, the rest follows.

When you look at people in your organization, you see them for who they are, more than the jobs they do. You wish to know their hopes and dreams; you hope to make their lives better.

You care about financials, about quality, about overall business health and metrics, though above this you care about people doing the work and striving to make their worlds a better place, every day.