How We Work

How We Work 2018-02-02T12:45:38-05:00

We seek to be a guest; to balance invitation and assertion.

At all levels we seek to steward; to work with people rather than simply directing them. To us this means a conversation, questions, and observations before suggesting a tool, process, or approach. 

We have seen first hand the challenge of change efforts. We counter these with full engagement of all stakeholders, meaningful progress measures, and attention to the context in which you work. When people are enabled and move decisions into action, incredible things become possible.

How might your world look from a completely different perspective?

Change Stewardship

Stewarding change is the essence of our approaches. We believe people and organizations have their own lives, which respond best to being collaborated with, rather than done to.

Many approaches to change use language of control; Change Management, or lifeless chemistry; Catalyst.

We believe that relationship is the primary vehicle of change in complexity. Through building relationship we seek to build trust; through trust, influence. Sustained change efforts are built on the choices of those affected. When people have a strong enough reason, they will reshape the world as we know it; change stewardship seeks to access and align those reasons, to channel it into a force that carries us beyond any perceived limitations.

This is how dreams are brought true.

Adaptive Preparation

In complexity we can never know quite what will happen; rather than be able to predict we must be able to adapt. Adaptability is more than simply training in specific skills, we must prepare to responsively innovate and improvise. We must be able to answer any call that is heard; in our response we learn what we must to succeed.

Preparation is accomplished through deeply engaging experiential sessions that go beyond skill building. More than simply learning new practices, adaptive preparation sessions challenge and evolve participants’ very thinking. Preparation evolves our stance, our very ability to work with any challenge that comes our way.

Leadership Cultivation

Leadership is a Rorsach Inkblot; regardless of where we are in our personal journey we can define it. However, our definition will reveal more about us than any Truth about leadership.

We define leadership as intentionally improving our ongoing cycle of perception and action. Perception is our assessment of the world; the meaning we apply to events, language, and behavior. Action includes the full range of our responses, from emotional and mental reactions to spoken words and behaviors acted out. When we improve our ability to accurately perceive the world, we are able to make better decisions. When wiser decisions guide more enlightened behavior we gain access to results previously unimaginable. It is the secret behind those leaders we admire and look up to; it is the answer to the question of how do they do it?

Critically, leadership is learned; we can choose to sharpen our awareness of the world and expand our range and application of responses. While effective leadership can be developed by anyone with the commitment, it can be a very challenging journey of inner mastery.

We directly engage with willing individuals in all roles to more deeply connect to their sense of purpose and support meaningful, measurable progress to achieving it; to become the leaders they aspire to be.

Guide Service

We are ourselves post-conventional leaders. When in new terrain with new rules, a competent guide can make the difference between success and failure. We bring many years of experience as wilderness guides from the mountains to the less tangible landscapes of changing human systems.

As guides we blend coaching, consulting, and servant leadership to actively help leaders and organizations navigate uncertain realms along the path to creating their desired future.

We do this by constantly tapping into the wisdom of those we are serving, connecting every day efforts to purpose, and a tremendous amount of feedback through multiple channels.