Business has grown more complex. A new approach to leadership is called for.

As complexity has grown, responses based on collaboration and curiosity rather than authority and certainty are required.

Rather than simply teach practices, leadership development for today must balance growing the individual’s inner world first and adding tools and techniques.

But, What To DO? How to Be Effective?

Today, leaders are called to create a place people want to work and can contribute fully. They face changing expectations from many angles that they’re unsure how to meet. And, they are finding that what worked in the past is unlikely to work moving forward.

Mapping Ways Forward

More than ever, leadership today is about who we are as much as what we do. Leading in Complexity is a 2-day immersive workshop. It introduces participants to a map of leadership that fits today’s demands. Participants will be introduced to a wide range of developmental opportunities to choose from.

This workshop invites our whole selves, rather than just the roles we fill at work, into the room. There is minimal lecture or slides and plenty of opportunities to grow. Joining is itself an act of courage.

Move Closer to the Leader You Want to Be

The workshop includes time to reflect and decide how you wish to proceed with the material. You will carry forward lived experiences from the session that you can rely on and refer to.

Your fellow leaders can provide support in and beyond the class.

Imagine learning a way to lead in the fires of complexity and not be burned.

Workshop Details

Grounding Metaphor

Our grounding metaphor is to offer participants a map of leadership tailored to complexity. Participants will be invited to choose what, if any, of the map they would like to further explore outside of the workshop. There will be frequent opportunities for reflection through debriefing activities as a large group, small group discussions, and individual journaling.

Guiding Principles

It is critical to understand that we believe effective leadership begins with a leader’s inner world. It is grounded in who we are. What we do and how move through the world is important, though secondary.

Leadership development is based on intentionally increasing our internal cognitive and emotional capacities. When these capacities expand, we gain access to leadership practices that enable effectiveness in highly complex circumstances. An example of this is the ability to hold multiple opposing perspectives as equally true rather than needing to have a single one be right.

This type of development is not instant; as leaders the facilitators have been working for decades to be where they are, and they have plenty of development opportunities still! Leadership development is a lifelong journey of learning.

Finally, we can expect that how we define leadership will shift and change over time as we do. We will work with this dynamic.

Workshop Structure

The workshop is structured into four overall content blocks: the case for agile leadership, personal agility, agility in relationships, and organizational agility. Each of these is roughly a half day in length.

Each half-day block will be further broken down into smaller modules that contain a brief presentation, a hands-on activity, and reflective debrief. We will take plenty of breaks to stay refreshed!

Each of the two days will be full and topics build on and reinforce each other. To gain the highest possible value, every participant will be need to be present the entire session. Days will run from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Topics We Will Address

  • Complexity; leadership and organizational considerations.
  • Preferences for how we learn and interact in groups.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Types of leadership.
  • Interdependence; leadership and organizational considerations.
  • Conversations as the vehicle of effective leadership.
  • Patterns of effective and ineffective conversations.
  • Enabling agility in: strategy, organizational structure, processes, and culture.

Workshop Facilitators and Leaders

Kevin Callahan and William Strydom

Kevin Callahan, MSPOD is a leader with over 20 years experience creating value and stewarding change toward desired results. He has spent the last 7 years coaching individuals, teams, and organizations toward greater effectiveness.

He holds a Masters Degree in Positive Organizational Development and Change, along with certificates in Appreciative Inquiry and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and Coaching from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Learn more about Kevin.

William Strydom is a professional coach. He is currently focusing on leadership development and agile coaching. He enjoys assisting organizations and teams to transition to agile practices gaining agility in their organizations and teams.

He moves fluently between coaching, teaching, facilitating and mentoring as needed whether he works with individuals, teams, or organizations. He is an authorized ICAgile trainer and faculty member of TeamCatapult. He has spoken at conferences and meetups to share his knowledge and experience with the agile community.

He holds various agile certifications from ICAgile, Scrum Alliance, Scaled Academy, and Project Management Institute, to name a few. Learn more about William.

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October 1-2, 2020 Portland, ME register

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