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Scrum Academy

Product Owner Track: Stacking the Deck In Your Favor

Scrum can help

Scrum can enable an organization to reduce risk, make better decisions, and deliver more value in less time. The capabilities for a Scrum team being able to improve speed to market, gather high quality feedback, and be able to create products that delight customers rests with the Product Owner. The journey of becoming a truly effective Product Owner covers many areas of practice and understanding.

The Tip of the Product Iceberg

Certification trainings are an introduction to Scrum. The essential ideas of crafting and prioritizing backlog items are initially simple, though business today faces accelerating rates of change, diverging stakeholder needs, and increasing pressure for team’s to be efficient. Creating and delivering high quality products that amaze has never been more challenging. Product Owners need far more than the basics, they need to plunge deep below the tip of the iceberg to topics including Lean, queueing theory, options and scenarios, deliberate discovery, and be able to lead others with them.

Focus on the right thing and ignore the rest

For organizations and individuals who see increased agility as their path forward, the Scrum Academy: Product Owner Track from Interaction Agility and ProSearch is a series of workshops for Product Owners. The learning materials are pragmatic and proven. All content has been refined from over a decade of experience across sectors and sizes of organization.

Academy participants will form a cohort to grow their capabilities as business agility practitioners. They’ll learn to mitigate the myriad risks organizations face in product development. They’ll choose the most important topics to cover. And they’ll create a community to support and sustain their efforts over time.

A way forward

Product development organizations must become more adaptive to not just survive, though thrive. An effective Product Owner enables decision making that flexes with uncertainty and adapts to new information. Team members increase their engagement and satisfaction as they reach higher levels of performance. Their productivity and quality go up, and they deliver more value. They help achieve goals for the organization and its customers.

Learning Outcomes

A two-day workshop. The course is tailored to the IC Agile Agile Product Ownership learning pathway. It is a candidate for being a certifying class for the Certified Professional Agile Product Owner.

Interaction Agility specializes in creating engaging hands-on workshops. Participants report them to be fun and effective learning environments. You can learn more at about how we work.

Topical Modules

  • Product Ownership as an Agile Discipline and Craft
  • Skills and Behaviors of Business Value Analysis and Product Ownership
  • Seeking Value
  • The Discovery Process

Workshop Facilitator and Leader


Kevin Callahan, MSPOD is a leader with over 20 years experience creating value and stewarding change toward desired results. He has been a practicing agilist for over a decade in roles including Scrum Development Team member, Scrum Master, and agile coach at all levels of the enterprise.

Kevin has been designing and delivering immersive training sessions for over five years. He has trained hundreds of professionals both the essentials and advanced topics of agile mindsets and practice. Participants report his sessions to be some of the most effective training efforts they have ever done.

He holds a Masters Degree in Positive Organizational Development and Change, along with certificates in Appreciative Inquiry and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and Coaching from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Kevin is also an IC Agile authorized trainer.  Learn more about Kevin.

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