Foundations of Resonant Coaching

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Becoming the Leader You Want to Be

A Changing World

The world has changed; complexity is growing. Ambiguity, volatility, and uncertainty define a growing number of business contexts. A new paradigm of leadership is called for, one that is inherently adaptive, inclusive; one that we freely decide to grow into; one that expands beyond tactical focus; one where traditional approaches fail.

Rise of Coaching for Leaders

Coaching is a cornerstone of leadership excellence; one need not aspire to be a professional coach to benefit from learning its fundamentals. Resonant Coaching in particular builds its effectiveness through building relationships and creating an alignment of strengths.

Coaching as a Skill

Resonant Coaching as a Superpower is designed as a hands-on workshop for anyone who self-identifies as a leader. It is particularly powerful for those who are at an inflection point where results from existing approaches are unsatisfactory; for whom there is the distinct sense there is more, though the next step is unclear.

Participants will gain:

  • A greater understanding of complexity;
  • Practical coaching tools, insights, and new ways of thinking;
  • A meaningful step closer to becoming the leader they want to be.

Specific topics will include:

  • Complexity Theory;
  • Designing powerful questions;
  • Advanced listening;
  • Considerations when designing a coaching conversation;
  • Coaching within organizations.

Approaches are informed by proven techniques from professional coaching and organizational development and further informed by recent evidence-based findings. Session facilitators are seasoned coaches, consultants, and trainers with proven records of delivering engaging sessions that exceed expectations.

Kevin Callahan

Kevin Callahan, MSPOD is a leader with over 20 years experience creating value and stewarding change toward desired results. He has spent the last 7 years coaching individuals, teams, and organizations toward greater effectiveness. He holds a Masters Degree in Positive Organizational Development and Change, along with certificates in Appreciative Inquiry and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and Coaching from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Learn more about Kevin.

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