What We Do

What We Do 2018-02-02T12:45:37-05:00

What if the potential of every person in your organization could be ignited and aligned?

We set the stage where people can be at their best. We start with the quality of the conversation; are the right questions being asked? Are the right people present to explore the answers? Depending on the context that might be with a single person, or an entire organization across multiple locations. The setting might be a hallway, a meeting room, or possibly far from either in a rustic retreat.

Regardless of the context or the scale, we begin with shared clarity of what the conversation is intended to do, and what it needs from each participant to remain engaging, valuable, inspirational; a powerful immersive learning experience.

The dynamics and patterns of change repeat independent of scale; what works at an individual level works for teams and organizations as well. The logistics, of course, are substantially different! For clarity, we’ve split the types of change work we do between individual and collective scales, which are different combinations of the following core offerings.

What changes do you most desire in your leadership and organization?


Coaching creates space for you and your organization to define what it wants.  Systems are responsible for over 80% of observable behaviors.  We reveal invisible forces for better design decisions.


Sometimes you just need an answer, or at least a set of well-formed options to choose from. As consultants we bring to bear decades of experience across a vast set of domains including organizational development and strategy, Agile and Lean, experiential learning, and more.


It is impossible to effectively attend to both content and context. Facilitation decouples these by focusing on context; leaders and teams are able to exclusively address content.

As facilitators we tend to the context by tracking progress, scribing discoveries, and supporting attention to working agreements.


Elegance. Simplicity. Delight. We know great design when we experience it, though it defies being named.

Design thinking transforms ordinary conversations and interactions into powerful communication capable of driving sustained change.


High performance teams are built in the context of meaningful work and effectively working together. To balance preparing and executing they need foundational shared experiences to practice, improve, and adapt.