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Is your life an expression of your purpose?

Each of us has our own relationship to growth and change, though there are some common patterns. Changes that we want, rather than those that we feel we need, ought to, or should do, tend to be more achievable and become an integral part of a new version of self.

Our work with individuals seeks to be transformative; metamorphic. We do not look upon it lightly and expect clients to be ready and willing for possible substantial internal discomfort as they redefine their place in the world. A skilled orchardist envisions what has not yet come to be, then works with trees and soil to enable growth toward an unseen state, alternating pruning, nourishing, and leaving be. Likewise we create space in our lives for new and exciting directions by articulating a desired future that does not yet exist. We begin working toward it, release the parts of our lives which no longer serve us, and have patience as change reshapes our lives.

Knowing what we want, then, becomes critical. Knowing what we want starts with knowing why we exist; our personal vision. Coaching supports us as we grow into new ways of being. Emotional intelligence aids our navigation of inner and outer relationships. Retreats give space for rest and renewal.

What is the life you wish to look back on, smiling, knowing it was well-lived?


Vision is a statement of purpose so clear it remains bright in even times of deepest ambiguity and confusion.

True vision statements are hard won, difficult to craft, and easy to abandon. They also make tangible individual and collective purpose; True North that guides decisions.

Whether formulating a personal vision, or an organizational declaration of purpose, we guide though articulating, capturing, and sharing why you exist.

Professional and Executive Coaching

Our coaching approach is grounded in Intentional Change Theory; a cycle of five insights or revelations: identifying an ideal self, accurately assessing current self, identifying gaps, experimenting with new behaviors and thinking to begin closing them, and creating a network of support.

Content within the cycle is client-driven; coaching is focused on aiding clarity through reflection, articulation, and alternative perspectives.

Hiring a professional coach is like hiring a professional trainer; you must show up and do the work. With a trainer, you must lift the weights to realize the benefits; simply showing up to the gym, or having a gym membership is not the workout! With a coach you must be willing to do the work needed to achieve the outcomes you desire.


Emotional Intelligence is our ability to perceive and shape the emotional reactions and currents within ourselves and in groups. Emotional patterns and reactions are a learned way of thinking, feeling, behaving. Sometimes these learnings go very deep into our core, and discovering new patterns requires commitment; it can be a very challenging journey of inner mastery. EI is also one of the most reliable indicators of effectiveness.

While much of EI is to understand how and why we react to events toward choosing more proactive responses, there is a large creative realm as well. Connecting with and fostering our experience of positive emotions is a critical aspect of renewal. Renewal gives us strength to both work with and carry the at times substantial stresses of our lives, and to maintain authentic relationships with others.

Building Emotional Intelligence starts with a clear understanding of how we most want to move through the world. With clarity we gathering information about how we actually do move through the world, both from our own internal perspective, and from those we interact with. We compare these, identify gaps that are of interest to close, and begin the work of learning new behaviors and ways of being.


A growing body of evidence confirms what we have always intuitively known: spending extended time in natural settings deeply renews us. Lakes, mountains, rivers; they await and welcome us. To meet them we must give ourselves the space and time to make the journey. To go to a place where we are able to ask the big questions. Where we have the space to reflect, grow, and be open to the answers.

While we can attempt these efforts in onsite conference rooms or even offsite hotel meeting rooms, these settings keep us anchored to the very dynamics we wish to shift. “Getting away from it all” does just that, and we find parts of ourselves we had forgotten, which are ready to carry us.

Retreat sites range from backcountry excursions to comfortable rustic lakeside lodges. Topical explorations include team dynamics and communication, leadership development, and personal renewal and relaxation.